Never miss a Zen Moment. Patient tandem, doula services, & parenting support for your mind, body & spirit.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be exciting and challenging experiences. Our doula services can provide much desired support and in the moment education to maximize peace and comfort during your birth experience. 

How can a doula help? A doula provides informational, emotional, and physical support during antepartum, birth, and postpartum stages of pregnancy. A doula-attended birth is statistically proven to decrease the overall length of labor and  have lower rates of medical intervention, including the need for a surgical birth.

Our patient tandem services are for all people desiring a more peaceful medical experience with our emotionally supportive professional tandem at their side before and during  their appointments. We attend all types of medical appointments.

Those looking for a parenting consultant will find support and solutions to their parenting questions or struggles in a non-judgmental and effective way. Seeking help is a sign of parenting strength and will expedite your goals. 

Zen Moments, LLC is a professional doula and parenting consultant company now offering patient tandem services.